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Knit Plus specialises in luxurious knitwear design and manufacturing, in addition to this we are the agent for ‘Made in UK’ finest knitted products.

Our commitment as a company is to provide our customers with a first class service ensuring our professional textile knowledge and innovations in research and development benefit our customers.

As a team our core values of excellence, expertise, reliability and innovation enables us to work closely with our customers and suppliers to build an environment of trust, long-term business relationships and achieving customer satisfaction by providing solution-orientated problem solving.

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Knitwear Design & Manufacturing

Knitwear Design & Manufacturing

The best knitwear begins with many invisible elements – starting from the initial design concept, the sketches, brand aesthetics and targeted consumer group. All this background information is crucial in translating a design sketch into the best knitwear.

Knitwear is created by a number of rows and stitches. Each panel is knitted and linked by hand to give the best fit. In the past, each panel was designed in 2D and whilst this was effective then, nowadays luxury knitwear must fit a 3D body shape to achieve a specific aesthetic look. There are few knitwear specialists who can translate the 3D technical fit requirements to a 2D form of rows and stitches, Knit Plus being one of them. This translation requires the theory of abstract mathematics and particle physics. However, there is no need to be mathematician or physicist as Knit Plus is able to do all this for you.

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Agent for ‘Made in UK’

There are numerous respectable manufacturers from the UK who are unable  to sell their niche products in Hong Kong and China. Knit Plus represents two historic UK manufacturers – Johnstons of Elgin and Pantherella.

Johnstons  and Pantherella collections are now available through prestigious department stores; Lane Crawford, Harvey Nichols and other luxury private labels across the Greater China Region.

Knit Plus is highly regarded within the knitwear business and we have established strong relationships with key buyers and store managers throughout the region. Our showroom is conveniently located and our innovative, visionary team are adept at interpreting the needs of our customers in a professional and proficient manner.

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